Ruian a shoe material factory is closed, illegal production disturbs people’s life

not long ago, a report post appeared on the Wimbledon forum, saying that an enterprise named “Fengshou shoe material factory” in ZHANGAO village, Xianjiang Town, Ruian City is still in production since its production has seriously affected the life of local residents

after Fengshou shoe material factory was sealed, the chimney is still smoking. The shoe material factory is only separated from the residential area by a small river. “The exhaust gas emitted by this enterprise is accompanied by a very pungent sour smell. When it passes by, it has to cover its nose, and the doors and windows of the house can’t be opened. Moreover, enterprises sometimes produce 24 hours a day, and the noise at night seriously affects their rest. After they reported to the local environmental protection bureau, the factory was closed down in March this year, but it still has production This paragraph, is a netizen “Xiaochu” in Wenzhou forum released. 1n addition, “Xiaochu” also posted a photo taken by himself. 1t is not difficult to see from the photo that the factory is only a small ditch away from the residential building, while the factory chimney which has been “sealed” still has white smoke

for this reason, director Hu of Feiyun Environmental Management 1nstitute of Ruian Environmental Protection Bureau said that they had also received instructions from the higher authorities to inspect the plant in the past two days” 1n the factory, we checked the boilers and other production equipment, and found no signs of production. ” “1f the residents find that the factory continues to produce illegally, they can report to us in time. We will immediately take measures to assist the court in ordering the factory to stop production and make corresponding punishment decisions,” Hu said

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