Rumors of Quanzhou earthquake intensify labor shortage

August 13 has passed safely, and the rumor about the earthquake in Quanzhou, Fujian Province has not been broken. But some shoe enterprises are inevitably affected

Wang muchun, human resource manager of a shoe enterprise in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, was injured recently. What hurt him was an earthquake rumor. Some time before August 13, the shoe company lost two production lines and seven or eight hundred front-line workers. They either asked for leave or resigned. There is only one reason. They heard a piece of news: there will be a big earthquake in Quanzhou on August 13

“it’s just nonsense, and the government quickly refuted the rumors, but it can’t stop the workers from leaving,” says Wang muchun

the company is about to face the “golden nine silver ten” sales season, and its orders are on the rise. At this time, there is a wave of workers leaving, which is undoubtedly self cutting capacity” The boss has three meetings a day. There is a lot of pressure on our department, “says Wang muchun

the situation of Wang muchun’s enterprise is more common in Quanzhou recently. Fu Helin, deputy general manager of Jincheng Ceramics Co., Ltd. in Jinjiang City, told reporters that this situation has occurred in many enterprises. Some enterprises even lost their employees because of the high degree of their native place. Jincheng ceramics also showed signs of workers leaving. “Fortunately, after education, the current situation is still stable,” Fu Helin said

the wave of workers leaving due to earthquake rumors has also been confirmed by the local transportation department. Jinjiang long distance station staff on duty in an interview with reporters said that the recent ticket price to Jiangxi increased by 50%, classes full

Pan Yanyan, vice mayor of Quanzhou City, pointed out in the local TV program that the earthquake was a rumor, and it was done by some people with ulterior motives in other provinces, whose purpose was to rob Quanzhou workers. Local police also promptly investigated and arrested a rumor monger from other provinces

“it’s really an ulterior motive to use the earthquake to rob workers,” said Wang muchun. “This year’s employment situation is really not even, and another wave is rising again.”

during the Spring Festival this year, the local labor shortage in Quanzhou was highly concerned by the media. According to statistics, the employment gap at that time reached 150000. After May, the employment situation has improved. However, a person familiar with the situation in the industry told reporters that this year, there was a real shortage of employment. 1n fact, the operating rate of many local enterprises was only 60% or 70%, and the situation in other places was similar. 1n the end, there were all kinds of desperate moves

contrary to the employment situation is the local order data. According to the statistics of Quanzhou customs, in the first half of 2010, Quanzhou exported 1.342 billion US dollars of textile shoes and clothing, up 52.52% year on year. 1n July, the export of textile, shoes and clothing maintained a steady growth, and the export enterprises began to make full use of orders

Zhang Qianqian, deputy director of Human Resources Department of Huaqiao University, said that all along, the growth of order data is inversely proportional to the employment situation, and enterprises should be prepared for this. The aforementioned industry insiders also said that some enterprises lack a set of effective long-term mechanism in terms of welfare treatment. When the labor shortage occurs, they think of increasing wages and performance bonus. Naturally, the employees have no sense of belonging and identity, and it is not surprising that they “listen to the wind when they are in trouble”. Zhang Qianqian stressed that the gap between the mainland and the coastal areas is narrowing in terms of wages and benefits due to the rapid economic development of the mainland’s large province of migrant workers in recent years” For migrant workers, they can make money at home. Why go so far? ” Zhang Xiangqian said

however, the pressure of Wang muchun continues” When employees are lost and production continues, we still need to find a way to recruit people. ” Wang muchun said. He has applied to his boss for a plan to recruit people outside the province. He has no idea how many people he can recruit

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