Russian government delegation visits Chengdu shoe industry

on July 30, the first deputy mayor of Volgograd, Russia, sukhorov Sergei Nikolayevich led a government delegation to inspect Wuhou direct selling shoe city, the capital of women’s shoes in China, and admitted that the purpose of this trip to Chengdu is not only to form a friendship city with Chengdu, but also to cooperate with Chengdu’s shoe industry and other advantageous industries, so as to maintain friendship and cooperation between the two sides Win win cooperation< According to the deputy mayor of Russia, Volgograd is a large-scale industrial and cultural center in southern Russia, formerly known as Stalingrad. On the one hand, the purpose of this trip to Chengdu is to enjoy the high quality and low price women's shoes in Chengdu market; On the other hand, 1 want to move the operation mode of Chengdu Wuhou direct selling shoe city to Russia. The centralized operation mode and one-stop service of Wuhou direct selling shoe city in Chengdu have greatly saved time and logistics cost, and the local shoe-making technology in Chengdu is also first-class. 1f the two sides can set up a joint venture in Volgograd City, restore this set of mode and establish a complete production line, it will be very promising. Vice mayor also said that the trend of Chinese shoes gradually moving towards high-end makes Chinese products have irreplaceable competitiveness

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