Saber foundation lightweight plastic creates safer helmet and helmet

protective equipment can protect workers, but the premise is that workers are willing to wear it at work, so 3M ? Using the lightweight Xenoy and lexanoq optical grade resins of saber Foundation’s innovative plastics, a new series of ergonomic helmets and helmets are designed for exceptional comfort. The new 3mversaflom series of respiratory protection helmets use Xenoy polycarbonate / polybutylene terephthalate (PC / PBT) resin with customized color to make the helmet shell and mask frame, which can realize thin-wall design and reduce the weight of helmets by about 15% – 20% compared with the company’s previous L-Series products. Lexanoqpc resin used for mask making is as clear as water, with excellent optical properties and excellent impact resistance. The long-term relationship between SAB1C and 3M shows that SAB1C is committed to helping customers gain competitive advantage and achieve business success through close cooperation with customers

the new 3mversaflm series helmets are made of SAB1C’s Lexan and xeno resins

al solyntjes, product development director of 3M, said: “our relationship with SAB1C has been steadily developing through cooperation in important new applications such as versaflom series products. The company provides high-performance resins that can meet our specific requirements, as well as high value-added analysis, testing and process optimization services, which are important drivers for the successful implementation of the project. Our customers reported that the comfort and protection of versaflom helmets have been significantly improved. “< "Our materials play an important role in the development of a new generation of protective equipment that can truly satisfy workers," said James Legacys, North American general manager of the high performance composites division of saber foundation innovative plastics. SAB1C's multi-functional, lightweight resin provides designers with new ways to enhance comfort, ease of use and beauty, thereby encouraging workers to wear helmets for a long time and focus on their work. We are very proud to continue to work with 3m to improve safety in a harsh working environment. " strong material for harsh working environment the new 3mversaflom series safety helmet and helmet (as part of electric air supply filtration respirator (PAPR) and air supply (SA) respirator system) are specially designed to protect workers in workplaces such as foundry, automobile repair plant, chemical plant and construction site SAB1C materials have key performance properties, which can withstand these harsh working environments. Compared with the glass filled nylon that 3M originally considered as helmet shell, Xenoy resin provides excellent low-temperature ductility and consistent impact resistance in cold weather. The material also has low specific gravity and excellent fluidity, which can be used to make thin-walled parts that help reduce weight. Xenoy resin colors are customized at SAB1C’s manufacturing plant in Mount Vernon, 1ndiana. Lexanoq resin is known for its excellent impact resistance and crystal like transparency, which allows 3m to make thin but extremely strong protective masks 3mversaflom series helmets and helmets meet many global respirator head and eye protection standards and are available worldwide

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