Safe use of anti impact safety glasses

There are many kinds of eye and face protective articles, which can be divided into protective glasses and protective mask according to the protection position and performance

1. The role and types of protective glasses

safety protective glasses are eye protectors equipped with various eye protection lenses in the glasses frame to prevent different harmful substances from damaging the eyes, such as anti impact, radiation, chemicals and other protective glasses

type: according to the appearance structure, protective glasses can be divided into ordinary type, side light plate type, open type and closed type

the protective mask is a kind of protective device to prevent harmful substances from damaging the eyes and face (including neck). 1t can be divided into hand-held, head mounted, full face mask, half face mask and other forms

anti impact safety glasses

anti impact safety glasses are used to prevent high-speed particles from damaging eyes, mainly used by operators in large-scale cutting, crushing, grinding, sand cleaning, woodworking, construction, mountain opening, rock drilling and other mechanical processing industries. Anti impact eye protectors include protective glasses, eye masks and face masks. There are five common anti impact eye protectors< This kind of eye protector has good transparency, tenacity, elasticity, low temperature resistance, light weight and impact strength 10 times higher than ordinary glass. However, high temperature resistance and wear resistance are poor. 1t is mainly used in metal cutting, metal polishing, forging workpiece, crushing metal or stone and other workplaces

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