Safety alert on the light pole

A few days ago, Jiangsu Sanma lifting machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. passed the field examination and acceptance by the provincial safety culture construction demonstration enterprise acceptance team of Jiangsu Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, becoming the second provincial safety culture construction demonstration enterprise in Jingjiang City

careful people will find that safety maxims, safety slogans and safety signs can be seen on the main road lamp posts, hazard monitoring points, production workshops and other places of the company, and the workshop Kanban has timely notification of safety matters. The company establishes and improves the safety system. Every place, every post and every operation behavior has corresponding safety management regulations, and every employee has safety responsibility

the company also regularly carries out safety training covering all staff, and conducts drills such as fire fighting and rescue every quarter. This year, it has started to implement the weekly pre class education system. Every day, the company defines the specific responsible person for the problems and hidden dangers found in the inspection, and implements the rectification at the first time

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