safety and environmental protection department of Linfen Thermal Power Co., Ltd.: regular “physical examination” for safety helmet

Recently, the safety and environmental protection department of Tongmei Zhangdian Linfen thermal power company conducted a major investigation on the service life of safety helmets, confiscating and destroying some safety helmets beyond the service life and without certificate

safety is no trivial matter. The safety and environmental protection department of the company includes labor protection articles in the daily safety inspection of the enterprise. While checking the safety production work, it also checks whether the labor protection articles are qualified and whether the employees wear and use them according to the regulations. The unqualified labor protection articles should be replaced in time, and the safety helmet should be thoroughly “examined”, so that the safety helmet can really play a good role in safety protection

by strengthening the management, the safety awareness of the staff will be continuously improved, and the good habit of actively standardizing the wearing of labor protection appliances will be formed

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