Safety and health protection measures for welding operation should be kept in mind

1. The welding operation site should be well ventilated, and local smoke exhaust device and local ventilation or comprehensive ventilation measures can be installed at the welding operation point according to the situation2. Mobile Manganese Fume precipitator can be set up at scattered welding points, and mechanical ventilation system can be used at centralized welding places

3. For welding operations with frequent flow and short operation time, the upwind direction should be selected to reduce the harm of Manganese Fume< 4. When welding in the container, the container should have air inlet and outlet, ventilation equipment and someone must be present to supervise the welding 5. When welding in a closed container, the container must be reliably grounded, well ventilated and supervised, and oxygen input into the container is strictly prohibited China labor insurance net

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