Safety “armor” is indispensable

People’s daily news, Jining, June 24 (Xinhua) the theme of “safety responsibility, focusing on implementation” moistens the hearts of enterprise employees like gentle wind and rain, “safety is the source of happiness” has become the common pursuit of employees. However, on the 18th, a surprising news came from a coal mine 10 miles away from the reporter: the 51 year old Li, the driver of the ground battery truck in the transportation work area of the mine, suffered eight fractures while hanging the pin, and is still in the hospital… 1nstead of wearing a rubber cap according to the regulations, he was greedy for lightness and coolness and wore a wicker hat he bought from the rural market

in daily production, the most important “clothes” of employees are labor protection articles. According to relevant national regulations, coal mine labor protection articles generally include work clothes, rubber boots, safety helmet, dust mask, protective glasses and other underground work necessities. 1n strict accordance with the relevant policies on the distribution of labor protection articles for employees, timely, conscientiously and responsibly distribute and manage labor protection articles for employees in full amount is the basic requirement of ensuring the safety production of coal enterprises and the concrete embodiment of safeguarding the right of life and health of employees. But in real life, the safety “armor” of labor protection equipment often fails to play its due role

on June 19, the reporter accompanied 12 staff representatives to inspect the safety of underground area teams and ground posts, and saw some common scenes: first, the staff’s low awareness of labor protection. Although some employees are equipped with labor protection appliances, they don’t wear them as required. What’s more, they don’t wear them directly. For example, they don’t wear protective glasses when knocking on objects that may splash debris at work, and they are afraid of heat when cutting coal head-on in fully mechanized mining and fully mechanized excavation. They don’t wear dust masks, take off work clothes or roll up their sleeves. Second, the practicability of labor protection articles is poor. The distribution cycle is long, and the underground staff will send it once a year and a half; The basic size of the work clothes is the same, resulting in some jacket over the knee, some ankle exposed. The color of work clothes is single, most of them are sky blue (except for security personnel), and there is no sign. 1n the dark and insufficient lighting environment, there is no way to distinguish people from the surrounding environment. Rubber boots are the most important protective equipment for workers working in the well. They are of poor quality. These rubber boots are generally made of mature rubber. There is a layer of black rubber at the bottom of the rubber boots, and it is covered with a layer of cotton cloth. Usually, when there is no damage at the upper part, the black rubber at the bottom has broken. After the cotton cloth is worn, the black rubber will break into blocks and directly fall off, which is very painful, Many employees go out to buy other types of rubber boots instead of the ones they are given. Protective glasses are important protective equipment in the work of workers. Now they are generally glass lenses. After being impacted by external force, they are easy to rupture, and then have secondary damage to people’s eyes

in order to effectively safeguard the interests of enterprises and employees, the reporter thinks: first, improve the awareness of labor protection of employees, strengthen the education and training in this aspect, and include it in the safety operation specification, so that it can be included in the daily safety supervision and inspection, so that everyone can supervise and supervise each other, and ensure the perfection of personal labor protection. Second, the distribution cycle of labor protection articles should be adjusted to shorten the use cycle as much as possible and be distributed once a year in advance. The third is to make necessary improvements to the labor protection articles according to the on-site and actual needs. For example, the underground work clothes should be investigated first, and the basic information such as the height and weight of each employee should be counted, and then they should be distributed according to personal conditions; The style of work clothes can be improved. Reflective strips can be installed at the back and chest of the coat, knee and waist of the trousers, so that the personnel can be clearly identified after wearing. Four is to buy rubber boots need to compare three, choose the type, style that really adapt to the mine environment, ensure that employees wear, like to wear. Fifth, the lenses of protective glasses can be made of resin or other materials that are not broken by external force to avoid secondary injury(Liu Mengyu (Wang Jian)