safety awareness should also pay attention to “shelf life”

When it comes to “shelf life”, we must first think of the production date of food. The meaning of shelf life on the food label refers to “the date to ensure the quality of food under the conditions specified on the label”. However, due to the change of storage mode and environment, the material may deteriorate prematurely. So food should be eaten as soon as possible before the expiration date. Food has a shelf life, so does the “safety awareness” in the high temperature and high pressure petrochemical industry. When we first entered the factory, after receiving safety training and education, we all had a strong sense of safety. But with the passage of time, with the skillful operation, facing the same device, the same pipeline, the same equipment every day, or in a relatively long-term safety environment, they gradually judge themselves to be eternal safety by experience, and become fluky, bold and paralyzed. Over time, they form the “zero probability” and “impossible” subconsciousness, The fatigue of safety consciousness is produced. Therefore, the author believes that in the daily work, paying attention to the strengthening of employees’ safety awareness is the most powerful guarantee to make the safety production “not expired”

“Xiao Liu, what are you doing with this old helmet? Don’t you have a new one? “” Master Li, 1 think it’s a pity to lose it. 1t’s a waste. 1’ll take it home and use it as a motorcycle helmet. “” The shelf life of safety helmet is 6 years. Your old safety helmet has passed the shelf life and can’t be used any more. Safety can’t be ignored. ” This is a dialogue between Master Lao Li and his apprentice Xiao Liu. A safety helmet that has passed its shelf life will pose a threat to safety if it is used continuously. Therefore, the “shelf life” of safety should be implemented in terms of concept and items related to safe production

how to strengthen safety awareness? From our employees themselves, we should first change “want me to be safe” into “1 want to be safe”. Thoroughly eliminate the safety fatigue awareness, for example, before entering the device, first look in the mirror at the warning license plate such as “seven thoughts and seven don’t do”, and reflect on whether their own safety measures are in place. Before inspection, check whether the hydrogen sulfide detector, walkie talkie and other items are fully worn. When entering the device for inspection, you should hold the stair handle when going up and down the stairs. Taking “little things” as “big things” and paying attention to “safety awareness” and “safety production” at the same time are the most powerful guarantee to make your safety awareness “not expired” and ensure the safety production of the device

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