Safety belt mute buckle or hidden danger

“Mom, how does this Mickey Mouse fit into the seat belt base?”” Oh, this is a clip to replace the seat belt. Plug it in and the car won’t scream. “

this is a conversation between a five-year-old girl and her mother. That “Mickey Mouse” is commonly known as the seat belt mute buckle or seat belt buckle. 1f you don’t want to fasten the seat belt and insert it into the seat belt base, the warning sound or warning light will be invalid, and the driver will be free from “interference” once and for all. However, is this kind of safety belt silent buckle cheating the car or yourself

“you don’t want to wear your seat belt”

search the 1nternet at will, and there are countless sellers selling silent buttons. Silent buckle has cartoon, cloth, rubber, imitation logo, can be sold alone, can also be sold in pairs, the price ranges from a few yuan to hundreds of yuan. Most of the cartoon models are Mickey Mouse, pleasant goat and grey wolf, while the price of a “diamond inlaid luxury three-dimensional” buckle is even more than 300 yuan per pair. Many stores advertised: “this product is widely used in short distance travel, to avoid the trouble that you don’t want to fasten your seat belt, especially for the front passenger seat.”. Many website transaction records show that some cards have sold thousands of pairs

similar to online sales, silent buttons are also popular in the automobile market and even in large supermarkets. At Nanhu Zhongbai warehouse supermarket in Wuchang, Wuhan, more than a dozen seat belt buckles are hung in a pile of auto supplies with different shapes. A pair of cartoon buckles marked with “Wancheng” brand are clearly priced at 15 yuan, and the computer ticket purchased is also “aboveboard” with “three-dimensional letter buckles for car safety belt”

the failure of car function caused by the silent buckle is more terrible

every time you sell a seat belt silent buckle, there will be one less person wearing the seat belt. A few days ago, the reporter, along with the expressway police headquarters of Hubei Provincial Public Security Department, randomly selected 10 cars at the entrance of Wuhan West toll station of Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway, and two of them used safety belt mute buckle

according to the survey, a large proportion of private cars use seat belt silent buckle. The main reasons are as follows: first, it doesn’t matter whether they wear the seat belt or not, and it’s too cumbersome to fasten and take it when driving; Second, the prompt that the car is not wearing a seat belt is too “disturbing”; Third, wearing a seat belt “hinders the tidiness of clothes.”

in fact, the mute button not only “cheat the car”, but also “hurt the car”” The size of the safety belt is different, and the principle and structure of the safety belt warning device are also different. 1f you use the mute button at will, it may cause damage to the vehicle electronic system. ” 1ntroduction to the staff of a brand automobile 4S shop

and the failure of car function caused by mute button is more terrible. At noon on September 17, 2010, on Wenhua Road, Zhengzhou City, an Audi automatic car ran over a man riding an electric car and stopped, then suddenly started and ran over him

according to the investigation, after the accident, the Audi driver left his seat, went outside the car door to check the situation, and his foot left the brake, which eventually led to the car moving forward again. Police said that leaving the driver’s seat means unfastening the seat belt and the car should stop moving forward automatically. Police later found that the driver did not wear a seat belt, but used a seat belt buckle. This button allows the car’s electronic handbrake system to default that the driver is still driving, so the electronic handbrake is not activated

“every automobile manufacturer has spent a lot of manpower and material resources to study how to use the safety belt to protect the safety of passengers, and the car owners have also paid a considerable fee for it when they buy the car. However, a clip of just a few yuan makes all this meaningless, which is very ironic.” A 4S store staff member said. However, according to the survey, “what’s more ironic” is that in some 4S stores, there are not only “silent buttons” for sale, but also some as gifts for new cars

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