Safety colors and signs

According to gb2893-2008 “safety color”, safety color is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, transportation, construction industry, warehouses, hospitals, theatres and other public places. But it does not include lighting, fluorescent colors and colors used in aviation, navigation and inland navigation. 1n order to make people pay attention to the surrounding environment and equipment with unsafe factors, it is necessary to paint striking safety color to enhance people’s vigilance against unsafe factors. Unified use of safety color can help people identify dangerous parts, take measures as soon as possible and improve their self-control ability in case of emergency with the help of familiar meaning of safety color, which is helpful to prevent accidents. Safety colors are red, yellow, blue and green(EHS. CN)

basic concept

safety color is the color of safety information, which means prohibition, warning, instruction, prompt, etc. The correct use of safety color can make people respond to objects and environment threatening safety and health as soon as possible; Quickly find or distinguish safety signs and get timely reminders to prevent accidents and hazards

safety colors are widely used, such as safety signs, traffic signs, protective railings and parts of the machine that are not allowed to move. The application of safety color must be for the purpose of safety and have a specified color range. The safety colors are red, blue, yellow and green, and their meanings and uses are as follows:


means prohibition, stop, fire fighting and danger. Forbidden, stopped and dangerous devices, equipment or environment shall be marked with red. Such as prohibition sign, traffic prohibition sign, fire fighting equipment, stop button and stop, operating handle of brake device, limit position scale on instrument dial, exposed part of machine rotating parts, strip and text of LPG tank car, danger signal flag, etc


means attention and warning. Devices, equipment or environment that need to be warned should be marked with yellow. Such as warning signs, traffic warning signs, road traffic signs, inner wall of belt pulley and its protective cover, inner wall of grinding wheel machine cover, first and last step leading edge of stairs, protective railings and warning signal flags, etc


indicates instructions and regulations that must be observed. Such as instruction signs, traffic signs, etc


means traffic, safety and information. 1t can be marked in green for traffic or safety conditions. Such as the indication of passage, machine start button, safety flag, etc

* contrast color

black and white are generally used as the contrast color of safety color, and are mainly used as the background color of the above safety colors. For example, the background color of safety signs is generally white or black

black — geometric border used for text, graphic symbols and warning signs of safety signs

White — white is used for the background colors of red, blue and green in safety signs, as well as for the text and graphic symbols of safety signs

the stripes between safety color and contrast color

1. The stripes between safety color and contrast color are equal width stripes with an inclination of about 45 °.

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