Safety construction measures “three treasures”, “four entrances” and “five borders”

1. “Three treasures” and work at height

(1) “three treasures”

“three treasures” refer to the safety helmet, safety belt and safety net necessary for on-site construction. When the operators enter the construction site, they must first master the correct use of “three treasures” to achieve the effect of auxiliary prevention

1. Safety helmet

safety helmet is a kind of protective equipment used to avoid or reduce head injury caused by external impact and collision

(1) check whether the shell is damaged. 1f it is damaged, its ability to decompose and reduce external impact force has been weakened or lost, so it can not be reused

(2) check whether there is qualified helmet lining. The function of helmet lining is to absorb and relieve the impact force. 1f there is no helmet lining, the safety helmet will lose the function of protecting the head

(3) check whether the headband is complete

(4) adjust the cap spacing (about 4~5 mm) before adjusting the belt, and adjust the hat hoop. After wearing the hat, the headband must be fastened

(5) it is not allowed to take off the safety helmet and put it aside or use it as a cushion in the field operation

(4) passageway entrance

(2) safety protection of entrance operation

(1) floor slab The openings with the short side size o2.5-25cm or more on the roof and platform must be provided with solid cover plate to prevent movement

(2)25ãŽ?× 25㎝â€?0ãŽ?× A fixed cover plate must be set at the 50cm hole to keep the balance around and fix its position

(3)50ãŽ?× 50㎝â€?50ãŽ?× For the opening of 150 cm, the full-length steel mesh must be embedded, and the spacing between longitudinal and transverse steel bars shall not be greater than 15 cm; The scaffold board shall be bound and fixed, and no one is allowed to move without permission

(4)150ãŽ?× The maintenance frame must be set up around the hole above 150 cm, and double protective railings must be set up. The horizontal safety net shall be hung in the middle of the hole, and the net shall be firmly and tightly hung around

(5) for the openings, deep ditches, pits, grooves, etc., which are located beside the road, the cover plate shall be able to bear the load not less than 2 times of the local rated effective bearing capacity of the rear wheel of the truck

(6) for the vertical openings on the wall, the floor openings should be equipped with protective doors or railings, and the toe boards should be set under them. A 1.2m high protective railing shall be added to the vertical opening below 80cm

(7) the elevator shaft must be equipped with a metal protective door no less than 1.2m, and a horizontal safety net should be set every 10m on and above the first floor of the shaft, and the safety net should be closed. Without the approval of the superior competent technical department, the elevator shaft shall not be used as vertical transportation channel and garbage channel

(8) lighting devices and safety signs must be set at the entrance according to regulations< (2) edge operation 1, “five edge operation” “five edge operation” are the five types of edge operation. When working at the edge, there is no maintenance facilities at the edge of the working face or the height of enclosure facilities is less than 800mm around the foundation pit around the balcony, material platform and cantilever platform that have not been installed with railings or railings canopy and cornice edge; The stairway and the edge of the building section of the layered construction the roof without scaffold and around the floor; Around the water tank and water tower both sides of derrick construction elevator and scaffold and building passage

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