Safety control measures for aerial work

1n order to standardize the safety management of work at height, reduce the occurrence of falling accidents, and ensure the life safety of employees, the measures are formulated

this system is applicable to the safety management of work at height

1. Definition and classification of work at height

the work at height referred to in this system refers to the work that may fall at the position 2m above the falling height datum plane (including 2m). Work at height is divided into general work at height and special work at height< (1) work at heights above 2m (including 2m) and below 30m (excluding 30m) is called general work at heights (2) the work at height meeting the following conditions is special work at height work at heights above 30m (including 30m) of operation datum level, high temperature or low temperature, rain and snow weather, night, close to or contact with electrified body, no foothold or firm foothold, emergency disaster rescue, work at heights in limited space and other environments, and work at heights where toxic and harmful gases and dust emission exceed the allowable concentration

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