Safety drill should not be limited to form

A few days ago, 1 saw a unit hold a fire fighting skills competition and emergency drill, and 1 watched two of them with interest. One was that the male and female members carried a fire extinguisher in both hands to carry out the relay race, and a female worker fell down accidentally, and her knees were bruised and needed medication; One is that the drill personnel carried the fire extinguisher and ran for 30 meters to eliminate the flame ignited in the oil bucket. Some people had an unstable brake and bumped into the burning oil bucket. These two projects are based on the speed to see who can complete the required action in the shortest time. The spirit of holding safety emergency drills is commendable, and they are placed in the category of skills competition, which also shows creativity. However, this form of organization and performance is not flattering

since it is an emergency drill, the time for response and disposal must be the first thing, so there is a golden time for emergency rescue, but the prerequisite is to ensure the safety of the drill personnel and pay attention to actual results. Everything has its external form, but the safety drill should not be limited to form, whether to improve the actual combat ability of the drill personnel is fundamental

let’s talk about the race with fire extinguisher first. First of all, running is about shoes. But when 1 heard someone ask me, the organizer’s answer is that there is no limit to shoes. Then some people wear shoes that are not suitable for running, including the anti smashing and anti puncture safety shoes that many of our employees usually wear, which are bulky and not easy to run fast. As a result, someone fell down on the way, and neither the organizer nor the participants had prepared the first aid kit in advance. After the accident, they used the walkie talkie to look for medicine everywhere

let’s talk about sprinting to put out the fire. As we all know, there are three basic disciplines in fire fighting training: pay attention to the wind direction, keep a distance, and shoot at the root of the fire. However, the organizer drew several parallel runways with a width of 60cm next to each other, and the drill personnel had to run from that end to this end to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. Since you can only run in a fixed straight line, it’s impossible to consider the wind direction. 1t is also impossible to keep a safe distance and sweep the root of the flame. 1f you want to keep the distance in the competition, you can only slow down in advance, so you will fall behind; 1n order to be the first, so there is a situation that can’t stop and run into the fire. The fire is in the barrel, and it can’t be aimed at the root of the flame, so it can only be extinguished from the top down

as a spectator, 1 think self-protection is more important than speed, and effective practice is more important than performance. Therefore, it is also a wake-up call. 1 hope that if other enterprises hold similar emergency drills in the future, they can pay more attention to the substance and effectiveness, improve the actual combat ability of the drill personnel, and stick to the purpose and purpose of the safety drill

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