Safety education on site

“1n the construction of less than two meters on the shelf, we must do a good job of monitoring, and remind in time of danger…” in the construction site of the butanol and octanol reconstruction and expansion project of No.2 Chemical Plant of Daqing Petrochemical Company, on one hand, we are docile and painstaking, on the other hand, we are nodding and saying yes repeatedly, The safety staff of No.2 Chemical plant directly went to the site to carry out safety education for the Contractor’s construction personnel, help them identify risks and strengthen their safety awareness

according to the dangerous characteristics of different construction projects, the second chemical plant strictly controls the safety education of contractors, combines with the characteristics of the construction site working environment, construction methods, personnel quality, machines and tools, and safety management personnel directly enter the construction site for face-to-face safety training. 1n addition to reporting and analyzing the Contractor’s faults in the system in the near future, they also focus on the analysis of the risks existing in various on-site operations, and explain in simple terms how to prevent accidents such as falling from height, object strike, electric shock and mechanical injury, so as to help the construction personnel carry out on-site operation risk identification and eliminate the paralysis and fluke psychology existing in the operation. For the habitual violation behaviors such as nonstandard wearing of safety helmet, no fastening of work clothes, and no wearing of protective glasses during grinding, the safety personnel shall analyze the danger and correct it, strengthen the safety protection awareness of the construction personnel, and finally achieve the purpose of self inspection and self correction

“the on-site safety education directly faces the working environment, so that we can” see “the risks existing in the operation and pay more attention to the operation safety.”. Contractors generally believe that on-site safety training is more vivid, impressive and effective than classroom education

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