Safety education parent child activities

“1’m very busy at work and seldom accompany my children. Now the company provides us with such meaningful parent-child activities, which makes me feel very warm and happy. For the sake of family happiness and enterprise safety, 1 will tighten the string of safety awareness in my future work!” Yang Hongmei, director of Beijing Petroleum Finance Street gas station, told reporters with her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter

on May 29, Beijing Petroleum Fengtai region held a safety education parent-child activity of “harmonious family, safe Fengtai”. Parents and children gather together to enhance the understanding of safety knowledge and enhance the relationship between parents and children through interactive games. 1n the interactive session, the staff wrote down messages such as “Ping An petrochemical, Ping An Beijing”, and the children put on safety helmets to their mothers and pressed colored fingerprints on the wish board

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