Safety education should prevent learning fatigue

When carrying out safety education in enterprises, managers are eager for success, greedy for foreign things and so on. They take roulette or cramming education regularly, locally and quantitatively, hoping that the employees can understand the enterprise’s safety concept, safety operation procedures and safety rules and regulations within three to five days. However, this kind of education is most likely to make the educated tired, 1t is not conducive to the teaching and transmission of safety knowledge and behavior< How to prevent learning fatigue active rest is a reasonable means of centralized training to prevent and eliminate learning fatigue. Active rest, also known as active rest, can promote the improvement of learning efficiency. 1n the safety education, when we find that the trainees are mentally wandering and inattentive, we might as well stop and take the initiative to let them have a rest, and let them go for a walk, talk, even a cigarette. 1n this way, the nerve cells in the cerebral cortex will not be tired, but also promote each other for better learning to increase the interest of learning is an effective way to adopt centralized training. Safety knowledge and rules and regulations are boring words and terms. The teachers follow the instructions. No matter how much energy the students have, they will be drowsy soon. 1f we insert some vivid examples around the staff while teaching these rigid terms, it will create a relaxed learning atmosphere, naturally arouse the learning interest of the students, and improve the quality of teaching moving the training site to the site, to the post and to the front line will have an unexpected effect. Liziya South Coal Mine of Guangneng company of Sichuan coal group found that the previous safety training was carried out at a fixed time, fixed place and collectively through visiting workers and grassroots units, which easily made workers “tired of learning”, and the means of on-site inspection and fines for violation of regulations easily made workers produce resistance. Therefore, the underground “mobile classroom for safety training” was set up. The team leader or the Department followed the team leader to carry out on-site training on hazard sources and disaster sources, finger dictation and job description, changing theoretical learning into on-site help and teaching, and changing written examination into random sampling, so that the employees can more intuitively master the safe production operation skills our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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