safety experience activities were carried out in the first division and first work area of Guandu Yellow River Bridge of CCCC First Highway Engineering Co., Ltd

On September 26, the first working area of Guandu Yellow River Bridge Division 1 of CCCC First Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. made use of the rain free construction gap to let some workers go to the safety education and training experience Hall of the second working area for safety experience, so as to enhance the safety protection awareness and improve the safety protection ability

the experience content includes: helmet impact experience, seat belt use experience, electric shock accident experience, fire extinguisher demonstration experience, wire rope demonstration experience and safety first aid experience. Aiming at the problem of nonstandard wearing of safety helmet, the workers were asked to experience the impact of safety helmet. The workers were required to wear safety helmet, stand upright under the simulated impact ball, and hit the safety helmet worn by the workers below after the ball rose to a certain height. By simulating the impact of heavy objects when wearing safety helmets, workers realize the possible serious consequences if they do not wear safety helmets, enhance the awareness of workers to wear safety helmets correctly, and effectively prevent the possible safety accidents such as object strike at the construction site. Aiming at the problem of nonstandard setting of distribution box, workers are allowed to experience electric shock. Through the experience of leakage and electric shock, the safety awareness of workers to correctly use temporary electricity in the construction site is enhanced

it’s better to experience it in person than to talk about safety thousands of times. Through the experience of safety education and training, workers have said that they must wear safety helmets at the construction site and dare not neglect the temporary power use

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