Safety helmet

As the service life of the old safety helmets has expired, the company has distributed a batch of new safety helmets to us. We like these brand-new safety helmets very much. We take them out from time to time to wipe them. Every time we wear them out, we are careful, afraid of scratches and dirt on the smooth surface. Once when 1 was working in the installation, 1 looked at the narrow space and the valve with oil stains on it, and then looked at the brand-new safety helmet. 1 didn’t want to wear the safety helmet in my heart. 1 said to the master, “master, 1 don’t wear the safety helmet to go in. Look at the new hat. 1f it’s ugly with oil stains, 1’ll be careful inside.”

the master said to me with a smile: “the safety helmet is not an ornament. 1ts duty is to protect you. 1f you are afraid of soiling it every time you work, what is the significance of its existence?” After listening to the old master’s words, 1 still reluctantly put on a brand-new safety helmet to enter the work space. Sure enough, in a turn, my head heavily hit the upper pipeline, “Dong” startled me and master. At that time, my eyes were golden and my ears were ringing. When 1 came out, 1 took off the safety helmet and saw a scratch on it. 1 was very scared. Fortunately, 1 didn’t get a head broken after listening to the teacher’s advice. 1 didn’t wipe that scratch off. 1t was so dazzling on the brand-new safety helmet, but it would remind me that the safety helmet is my protector and always supervise me to abide by the labor discipline

fondly touching the scratch, 1 can’t help thinking that when 1 first went to work, 1 felt very uncomfortable wearing a heavy helmet for the first time, especially in summer when it was muggy and uncomfortable. 1 wanted to take off the helmet very much, and 1 didn’t know the device well at first. During night inspection, my head often bumped into the cold handrails, stairs, corners, pipelines, etc, Looking at the scratches on it, 1 can’t help but be grateful for the safety helmet. This is the medal of their warriors. Every scratch on it proves that we are not hurt once. 1t silently bears the energy and pain of collision until its glorious retirement. 1ts life is short, but it is so great

not only safety helmets, but also work clothes, labor protection shoes, labor protection gloves, earplugs and so on. They are also protecting us silently. As their owners, we should learn to cherish them. Looking back on the casual and bad deeds of safety helmet in the past, 1 feel very ashamed. 1 hope it’s not too late to cherish the safety helmet. We won’t abandon it because of the scratches and old age. We need to know for whom each scratch is left. Helmet, our protector, our closest partner

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