Safety helmet also needs regular inspection of safety helmet detection equipment

Safety helmet is one of the important products of safety protection articles. According to the compulsory national standard of safety helmet, the maximum service life of plastic safety helmet is 3 years, and that of FRP safety helmet i2.5 years. After the expiry date, the user must go to the relevant departments to carry out spot check and test on the safety helmet through the safety helmet testing equipment, and continue to use the safety helmet only after it is qualified, otherwise the safety helmet will be scrapped

safety protection experts pointed out that “physical examination” can be carried out for each safety helmet through the safety helmet detection equipment. Safety helmet health condition has the final say of data detected by safety helmet detection equipment, so that it can avoid blindly using. At the same time, during the test, we should establish files for the safety helmet and make a good mark, so that its health status can be verified. After testing, the unqualified safety helmet should be scrapped and destroyed, and must not be used indefinitely. Safety is no trivial matter. The problem of safety helmet overdue use should not be underestimated. 1t should be paid enough attention to by everyone, especially the safety supervision department. 1n the daily safety inspection, it should do a good job in the supervision and inspection of on-site safety helmet overdue use, eliminate the potential safety hazards caused by safety helmet overdue use, and let the safety helmet really play its role of safety protection. The on-site safety inspectors generally pay attention to whether the workers wear it and whether it is correct, but few people pay attention to its overdue use. Enough attention should be paid to the problem of safety helmet over use. Because the safety helmet is used for a long time, the shell material of the safety helmet will become brittle, and its impact absorption performance (tested by the safety helmet impact testing machine), puncture resistance (tested by the safety helmet puncture testing machine), lateral rigidity (tested by the safety helmet lateral rigidity testing machine) and puncture resistance (tested by the safety helmet puncture testing machine) will increase Electrical insulation (safety helmet electrical insulation performance tester test) and flame retardant (safety helmet flame retardant performance tester test) will be greatly reduced, its surface does not have the ability to resist, can not meet the basic technical performance requirements of safety helmet, can not play the protective role of safety helmet for workers

however, according to the survey, most employees do not know that the safety helmet also has a shelf life. 1f they want to continue to use the safety helmet after its expiration, they need to send it to a professional inspection agency for quality inspection through the safety helmet testing equipment. 1t is common for a safety helmet to be used for 5 years or even 10 years. What’s more, in order to save costs or management is not standardized, some units do not strictly follow the product life cycle for rotation or quality inspection in the distribution of labor protection articles

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