Safety helmet and safety production

Recently, at the construction site of Sichuan Yuanba project of Shengli Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., fan Qiting, Secretary of the Party branch of the project, took me to the construction site of the low temperature multi effect distillation station to get familiar with the situation. Because it was the first time 1 went to the construction site as a member of the project department, 1 was excited and nervous. 1 put on a blue helmet, red overalls and steel shoes, and took a self portrait after finishing, 1 feel very handsome

when entering the construction site, Secretary fan explained the work content to me as he walked, focusing on the items to check the records every day. At the site, Shengli Oilfield Construction Co., Ltd., a brother company, also carried out pipeline installation in the concrete construction area. The construction environment at the site was relatively complex. Because 1 had to avoid the construction area, 1 walked very carefully. When 1 first arrived, 1 was not as familiar with the scene as secretary fan. Gradually, 1 got away from him. When 1 went up the stairs to the corner of the third floor stairs, with a “bang” sound, 1 felt a shock in my head, and 1 felt confused immediately. Bearing the pain on my head, 1 found an 1-beam across the top of my head. 1 can’t help but be afraid. Subconsciously, if 1 didn’t wear a helmet today, the consequences would be unimaginable

since then, every time 1 enter the construction area, there will be a voice in my heart to remind me to wear labor protection equipment to achieve safety in production, not only to be observant, but also to be attentive, so as to avoid safety risks on the construction site in time. Not only myself, but also others. Every time 1 remind others to pay attention to the lifting operation, there may be falling objects, welding and cutting sparks splashing, and heavy objects may hit my feet, the project colleague’s “thank you” let me get a full sense of satisfaction, because 1 achieved “safety always in my heart”

whenever 1 wipe the sweat covered by the helmet on my head, 1 will remind myself that 1 will be safe if 1 put on the helmet! Some falling objects fall down and make a clear sound when they touch the safety helmet. 1 feel that the sound is a safety alarm for me. Although the helmet is not as powerful as a steel helmet, nor as handsome as a baseball cap, 1 am particularly fond of this humble “blue helmet” every day. 1t not only protects me and ensures safety, but also represents everyone’s sense of responsibility for work and family. Don’t forget the expectation of our relatives for our safety. We hope that we can work safely under its protection and complete the construction task as soon as possible

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