Safety helmet as sunshade hat, poor quality affects safety

The media once reported that “the steel bar fell from the sky and directly inserted into the workers’ head”, and the quality problem of safety helmet has aroused people’s attention

is the safety helmet on the market qualified? Can safety helmet protect against accidents? 1n this regard, the reporter visited several construction sites yesterday, and investigated the safety helmets sold by many labor protection stores in the city. Some workers told the reporter that the safety helmets have become “sunshade hats” due to poor quality< 1n the morning, the reporter came to the construction site where the steel bar was inserted into the worker's head. The gate of the construction site is tightly locked. Looking through the gate, the reporter can see that there are protective facilities on the high-rise building. 1t is understood that due to the sudden incident, the person in charge of the construction site is currently investigating the matter afterwards, the reporter visited some construction sites in Changfeng street and found that most workers were wearing safety helmets. A person in charge of a construction site said that due to the limited budget, the safety helmet they bought is not expensive, but it is not convenient to disclose the specific price” The safety helmet is mainly a procedure. You see, some people give him safety helmet, and he doesn’t wear it. Generally speaking, there are protective facilities on the construction site, so it won’t happen. 1n case of a real event, the safety helmet won’t have any effect. There’s no need to buy too expensive one. ” The person in charge said the reporter inquired at the scene and found that many workers did not have a strong understanding of the role of safety helmets. Because the quality of the safety helmet issued by the construction site is not up to standard, a worker said: “so soft, who doesn’t know it’s a hoax? 1t’s so hot in summer, we’ll be sun hats. “< On the afternoon of the 7th, the reporter visited several stores selling labor protection products in the provincial capital in several labor protection products stores in Jiancaoping, the cheapest safety helmet is 8 yuan, there are 10 yuan and 12 yuan ones, and the most expensive ones are dozens of yuan, most of which are made of ordinary plastic. When the reporter asked what the difference was, a shopkeeper said that you just need to break the brim of your hat. The cheaper one is softer, and you can feel it concave with a slight pressure of your hand, which is not solid. The reporter tried, and it was so the reporter saw that many safety helmets are “three no” products, and others only have the place of production, certificate, protection effect description and other information. When the reporter questioned, the shopkeeper said: “this is a decoration on the construction site in order to cope with the inspection. There is no need to buy a good one. The safety helmet plays a psychological role, and generally it doesn’t work. You can buy the cheapest or medium-sized one, and the one about 10 yuan is the best seller. ” The reporter picked up the 10 yuan safety helmet and found that the bandage and the body of the hat were separated and needed to be assembled by himself. The shopkeeper demonstrated and assembled one on site. The reporter looked at it and found that the bandage inside was very loose. 1f he threw it on his head, the hat would fall off easily [safety supervision department] the qualified safety helmet can bear 5kg so, what is the standard of safety helmet? What is the load bearing capacity of regular safety helmet? Can it play the role of safety protection? 1t is understood that the safety helmet material is mainly divided into three kinds, the cheapest is the plastic material, the protection effect is also the worst; The better one is ABS safety helmet with medium protective effect; What’s better is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is also the most expensive a staff member of the planning and Technology Department of the provincial administration of work safety said that the safety helmet must be implemented according to the GB2811-2007 standard on safety helmet issued by the Department of policies and regulations of the State Administration of work safety. 1n addition to the standard number and manufacturer name, the safety helmet must also have the production date and product name, as well as the special technical performance of the safety helmet. 1n addition, the producers and sellers of safety helmets must ensure that they use printed matter, atlas or wear-resistant self-adhesive, and attach 12 kinds of materials such as “can be modified” to them, so that they can be regarded as a fully qualified safety helmet according to the national standard, a qualified safety helmet has a weight of 5kg and can withstand the impact caused by falling from 1m height. The staff member said that in the accident on the 4th, if the workers wore qualified safety helmets, the steel bars should not penetrate into the head. Workers can enter the State Administration of work safety through the 1nternet and enter the name of the manufacturer on the safety helmet for inquiry. According to the regulations, if the safety helmet distributed by the enterprise does not meet the industry standard, the workers have the right to protect their rights to the leaders of the enterprise, and they can also report to the relevant departments safety helmet: it is composed of cap shell, cap liner, lower cheek band and rear hoop. The impact and puncture kinetic energy of the striking object is mainly borne by the cap shell. There is a certain space between the cap shell and the cap liner, which can buffer and disperse the instantaneous impact force, so as to avoid or reduce the direct injury to the head. 1mpact absorption performance, puncture resistance, lateral rigidity, electrical insulation and flame retardancy are the basic technical performance requirements and basic orientation of safety helmet our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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