Safety helmet inspection in Jiangsu Oilfield

“Monitor Mao, it’s time for your safety helmet to be inspected once a half year.” At 7:00 a.m. on February 16, Mao Zhiqiang, leader of class 2 of team 7 of Jiangsu oilfield operation division, received a call from Hu Xi, safety officer of the team, and immediately sent the six safety helmets of the whole class to the team site

Hu Xi laid out the safety helmet and inspected it one by one. 1t was found that the helmet body was not damaged, the cap hoop was in good condition and the rear hoop was tight. 1n some cases, the safety helmet label has turned yellow due to long-time wearing. Hu Xi picked up the safety helmet to check the distribution time while carefully identifying it, so as to ensure that the safety helmet is intact

when he picked up Zhao Bingbing’s helmet and checked it, he immediately took out a new one to replace it. Mao Zhiqiang next to him asked strangely, “isn’t this helmet good?” Hu Xi pointed to the mandible belt and said, “you see, there is a crack in the belt. 1n case of too much stress, it may break and must be replaced.”

twenty minutes later, after all the inspections, Hu Xi turned on the computer and recorded the inspection date, inspector, appearance inspection, whether it needs to be replaced and the replacement date one by one

while recording, Hu Xi exhorted: “Zhang Huigang’s safety helmet has two months to go before it can be safely used. At that time, he should be reminded to replace it in time.”

“don’t worry, it’s a top priority for safety. Don’t be careless.” Mao Zhiqiang left the team site with a helmet and a smile

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