Safety helmet is not for leaders

according to the newspaper, a group of young interns were working with an old master on the construction site. Due to the hot weather, one intern immediately took off the safety helmet when he saw the leader leave. As a result, the teacher Fu severely criticized him: the safety helmet is not for the leader, but for protecting his brain

this sentence is very true, and it comes to our heart. 1t is true that there are such people in our actual production work. Such as people riding on a motorcycle, but the helmet is hanging on the front handle; People work on towers without wearing safety helmets. These are small things to some people, but they don’t take a step back to think about the seriousness after the event. 1n the long run, they will gradually form a bad habit. What will happen if there is an accident? Small actions and unsafe thoughts will become the fuse of safety production accidents. A small hole is not mended, but a big one is hard to be blocked; The hidden danger is latent and the accident is difficult to remove. A small hidden danger may lead to a big accident, a human negligence, may cause irreparable losses

in the process of our power production, because there are many variables in the running state of all equipment, no one can guarantee 100% safety. 1f we can’t take preventive measures and take effective measures to nip the unsafe factors in the bud before the accident or just when there are signs of the accident, it is bound to cause major accidents, ranging from equipment damage to personal injury

we should deeply learn from the teacher Fu’s strict advice to this young man, put safety first, put safety in mind, truly keep safety regulations in mind, so as to get into the door, mind and heart, start from now on, bit by bit, and always regard safety regulations as the talisman of life

we should always tighten the string of safety, be strict, start from me, master the professional knowledge of safety and foresee the danger. 1n view of the weak links in safety production, we should actively carry out hidden danger investigation activities, timely find and solve various problems with signs and tendencies, prevent and resolve various safety risks, effectively enhance the awareness of “controllable, controllable and re controlled” in safety work, establish a long-term mechanism of safety management, and build a monument of safety for safety production(Author: Xuanhua power supply station, Gaotai County)

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