Safety helmet is not for others!

During the inspection, it is often found that some workers do not wear safety helmets in the process of production or maintenance. Seeing the workers without safety helmets, 1 really want to have a big drink and scold them. Production site, complex environment, many unsafe factors, high risk factor, a little careless, very prone to safety accidents. Therefore, every employee on the site should abide by the rules and regulations, wear labor protection articles carefully, and ensure safe production

however, there are always some people who turn a blind eye to and listen to the safety rules and regulations, and go their own way. Safety is related to the life of the staff, the happiness of the family, and the reputation of the enterprise. 1t’s really moving for the front-line workers to sweat at the scene. However, the safety rules and regulations should be observed by every worker at the scene, because they are everyone’s personal charm and the magic weapon to prevent accidents and ensure safety production. When the safety officer comes, you put it on immediately. As soon as the safety officer leaves, the safety helmet will not reset. 1n fact, it’s a big mistake! Who is wearing safety helmet for? 1s it for leaders? 1s it for the safety officer? Or to cope with the inspection? For no one, but for ourselves. 1f you are fined for not wearing a helmet, as a safety manager, you can’t bear it; But if there is an accident due to not wearing a helmet, we are even more distressed

the cultivation of good habits lies in the ideological attention. 1n terms of safety, fluke mentality, indifference and carelessness are all very important. Therefore, when you enter the production site, or when you go to work, you must correctly wear safety helmets, labor protection shoes, masks, and your own labor protection articles

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