Safety helmet is “safe”, but screw is smashed

1n winter, the wind is still biting, but the workers on the construction site have started to work normally. Recently, 1 heard such a thing: a construction worker was hit by a screw falling from it because he didn’t wear a safety helmet. Fortunately, the volume is not big, and the construction worker was only scratched and bleeding

it turns out that before leaving work, he specially took the safety helmet to the construction site. As soon as he got off the car, he “forgot” to put it on the “part” that he should wear. 1nstead, he let the safety helmet lie on the “safe” seat. An unremarkable forgetting caused an unexpected “head broken and blood flow”, which shows that the safety precautions should not be careless. What’s more disturbing is that if the screw is a little bigger, what will be the consequence? 1t’s scary to think about it

it’s not difficult to find that this accident is the result of weak self-protection consciousness, taking labor protection articles as furnishings and implementing “1 want to be safe” only on the surface. Obviously, the safety awareness in production has not really entered the mind

putting the “safety helmet” in the “safe” place may improve the “efficiency” of some work and speed up the “progress” of the project in the process of saving the safety protection process. At the same time, there are no imagined tragedies. But luck is always a blow to the head inadvertently. Why should we think of the importance of safety protection after the “head breaking and blood bleeding” incident

risks are always around” Be careful not to put the “safety helmet” in a “safe” place

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