Safety helmet marked with blood type Shenyang migrant workers wear “file”

migrant workers wear safety helmets marked with their own blood type. 1n case of an accident, the blood bank can prepare blood in advance according to the blood type indicated on the safety helmets, so as to improve the rescue efficiency

What’s the matter with the number and blood type on the new safety helmets issued by migrant workers

more than 350 migrant workers will wear “blood type” every day

yesterday, the reporter saw this kind of special safety helmet at the construction site of Shenyang Municipal Government Square subway supporting project department

according to Lei Yongxiang, deputy chief engineer of Shenyang Municipal Government Square subway supporting project department, in order to further protect the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers and let them work at the construction site at ease, Shenyang Municipal Government Square Project Department of Shenyang Metro headquarters contacted a physical examination center in Shenyang to test the blood type of more than 350 migrant workers in the project department

at the same time, after defining the blood type of each migrant worker, the blood type should be marked on the safety helmet worn by migrant workers. 1n case of accidents, timely rescue measures should be taken according to the blood type of migrant workers to reduce the rescue time and improve the rescue efficiency. Shenyang Metro will gradually provide free blood tests for migrant workers across the line, and print the blood type on the safety helmet. The project Department of municipal square is the first pilot

migrant workers worry: what if they wear the wrong hat

it is understood that the safety helmet with blood type has been printed with blood type and serial number before it is distributed to migrant workers. Many migrant workers have mixed feelings when they know that the new safety helmet is marked with blood type information. They worry, what if they wear the wrong hat? Sometimes anxious, often wearing the wrong hat, will bring unnecessary trouble to the security assistance< According to Lei Yongxiang, there is a number on the hat, and everyone's number is different. Moreover, the dormitory management system requires that every migrant worker's hat, shoes, clothes, etc. are placed in a fixed position and will be checked irregularly, so it is rare to take the wrong hat at the same time, Lei Yongxiang said that the number on the new safety helmet is equivalent to setting up a “file” for migrant workers. After changing the safety helmet, they only need to get it according to the number to ensure that they are “seated according to the number” according to Dr. Guo of the North Hospital of Shenyang Shenzhou Hospital, the blood supply of the hospital is very tight now, and some types of blood are not available at all. 1f patients need it, they have to make an appointment with Shenyang blood bank in advance, and then send a car to collect blood 1f migrant workers have trauma, causing a lot of bleeding, knowing the blood type in advance can greatly save the time of blood preparation and fight for time for effective rescue. At the same time, Dr. Guo said that the blood type is very complex. 1t is not enough to simply know type A and type B. patients need to be sent to the hospital for further examination to ensure that there will be no wrong blood transfusion(Reporter Xie Yang) care for migrant workers from the details of the city with a grateful heart, stand in the position of migrant workers, and truly send the care of the city to the hearts of migrant workers. What they wear on their heads is not only a “blood type file”, but also a care and love of the city. Our reporter Du Mengya

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