Safety helmet Market Development Trend investigation report released recently

the investigation report on the development trend of China’s helmet Market, which was completed by experts organized by the safety and health protection articles Committee of China Textile 1ndustry Association and lasted for 9 months, was officially released to the public recently Starting from the development and market status of the safety helmet industry, the report deeply analyzes the problems, prospects and development trends of China’s safety helmet industry with a large number of objective and detailed data

there are various varieties and different quality standards

China’s helmet industry originated in the 1950s and 1960s. From hand knitting to machine pressing, from non-uniform quality standards to mandatory product standards and national standards for testing methods, and from simple domestic sales to products going abroad, a production pattern with complete categories, diverse styles and varieties, and users’ choice on demand has been basically formed, which better meets the needs of national safety production. At present, 210 enterprises have been approved by the state regulatory authorities, covering 21 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government. Among them, safety helmet manufacturers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Anhui and other provinces account for 64% of the total number of enterprises with certificates< There are about 80 million employees who need to wear safety helmets in China's industrial production. They buy at least 50 million helmets every year and export about 10 million helmets every year. 210 licensed manufacturers have an annual output of 30 million to 35 million helmets. With the rapid development of China's economy and the increase of capital construction, the sales volume of China's helmet Market is increasing year by year, with an average annual growth of more than 10% according to the above data, at least 50 million helmets are purchased every year in China, and 210 licensed enterprises only supply 30-35 million helmets every year, with a gap of 15-20 million helmets (about 30% – 40%). 1n fact, the market does not feel the shortage of safety helmets. This gap has been filled by fake and shoddy products produced by unlicensed enterprises. This phenomenon should be highly concerned by the national regulatory authorities and all sectors of society< At present, there are three kinds of safety helmets in China, including plastic (ABS, polyethylene, PC), glass fiber reinforced plastics and rubber cloth. Among them, the sales of ABS plastic cap, FRP cap and rubber cloth cap showed an upward trend, the sales of PE plastic cap fluctuated greatly, and the sales of PC plastic cap was smaller market recognition factors of safety helmet: the choice of safety helmet manufacturers is product quality (88.6%), product price (54.5%), brand (50%), advertisement and others (4.6%); The choice of safety helmet distributors and end users is price (60.1%), product quality (51.4%) and brand (25.1%). The comprehensive results are: 1. Quality2. Price and 3. Brand Product Price approval factors: 10-20 yuan (76.6%), 20-30 yuan (43.2%), less than 10 yuan (28.7%), more than 30 yuan (4.7%) development trend of safety helmet varieties: actively develop high-end safety helmet products (68.2%); 1mprove the quality of safety helmet and participate in international marketing (41%); 34.1% of them insisted on making middle-class safety helmet; Safety helmets were continuously produced according to market demand (34.1%). Generally speaking, the development trend is to improve the quality of safety helmets, do a good job in the middle class safety helmets, develop high-grade safety helmets and participate in international market sales existing problems and solutions the current safety helmet Market Environment and existing problems: first, more than 90% of the 210 production enterprises that have obtained evidence are small enterprises, with scattered production, small scale, single variety and style, and brand enterprises have not yet formed industry leaders; Second, there is a lack of fair competition atmosphere in the market, some industries set their own product access threshold, and a large number of fake and shoddy products produced without license squeeze the sales space of high-quality products; Third, the products of certified enterprises are subject to the supervision of two national departments. The same product should be inspected twice and charged twice, which increases the sales cost and pressure of enterprises; Fourth, the technology content of safety helmet is not high on the whole, and there is a lack of major technological breakthrough. A few enterprises began to introduce foreign advanced technology and materials, and developed SMC glass fiber reinforced plastic safety helmet and one-time forming two-color safety helmet; Fifthly, the safety helmet of a few advanced enterprises has obtained the quality certification of Europe and the United States, and the products have gone abroad some experts believe that safety helmets account for 12% of the annual purchase amount of 50 billion yuan of labor protection articles, that is, 6 billion yuan. 1f re exported, the development prospect of safety helmets will be bright. At the same time, brand competition will be further intensified, traditional circulation channels will continue to increase, and e-commerce network will become a new form of sales. 1n addition, the market, variety and price of safety helmets will develop in the direction of medium and high-end, and will develop in the direction of safety, beauty, portability and multi-function under scientific and technological innovation. At that time, more safety helmets made in China will enter the international market for fake and shoddy products, some experts pointed out that the relevant departments should strengthen market supervision, change the current situation of multi supervision, and ensure the healthy and stable development of the safety helmet Market (Wang Wanqi)

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