Safety helmet not “safe” reflects the absence of supervision

Recently, at a construction site in mafangshan, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, a female construction worker fell off a nearly 1-meter-high wooden frame and her safety helmet burst on the spot, causing her brain injury. 1n recent years, the accidents of workers’ injuries caused by the poor quality of safety helmets have occurred from time to time. Under normal circumstances, the safety helmet is the last barrier for workers when they encounter a critical situation. However, some inferior safety helmets on the market, as long as they are pressed with a little force, will sink into a small pit, and even fall apart in case of impact. Where these “unsafe” safety helmets come from and how they flow into the construction sites have attracted people’s attention

as we all know, the safety helmet is an important defense line to maintain the personal safety of workers. While condemning the manufacturers of fake and shoddy safety helmets, we can not let go of the unscrupulous boss who, in order to save a few small money and regardless of the lives of the workers, gives the workers four yuan a safety helmet

moreover, the poor quality of security supplies, including safety helmets, is not a unique phenomenon. 1t is reported that the annual gap of security supplies in China is at least more than 1 billion, which may be an important reason for the loopholes of inferior safety helmets. But 1 think that the safety supervision system is in vain, and the disorder of the security supplies market is the fundamental reason

to solve the quality problem of security supplies, on the one hand, the relevant departments should select qualified manufacturers to produce security supplies to meet the market demand; On the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision and crackdown on inferior manufacturers, strictly monitor the production and sales of security supplies, and force the “physical examination” of security supplies, including safety helmets. To avoid the entry of inferior security products into the market and affect the safety production

at the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the education of site owners, move forward the supervision link, increase the illegal cost of purchasing and using inferior security supplies, and let the boss dare not buy low-cost inferior safety helmets for workers based on the consideration of illegal cost. We can’t wait for a safety accident, and then we can investigate and punish it and sum up lessons. We should also pay attention to the education and training of on-the-job workers, and tell them the common sense of security supplies. Relevant departments should encourage workers to report inferior security supplies boldly. 1f workers report inferior security supplies, they should consider giving rewards to workers to mobilize their enthusiasm. Only the combination of top-down and bottom-up supervision measures, the measures of relevant departments in place, and the real supervision, can truly protect the safety of workers

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