Safety helmet replacement in State Grid Jiashan company

“Master, this is the storage and distribution class of State Grid Jiashan County power supply company. Now the validity of your safety helmet is about to expire. Please take the old safety helmet back to the warehouse, and we will update the safety helmet for you.” On April 7, with a telephone notice, Jiashan company’s replacement of safety helmets officially began

although the safety helmet is not unusual, but “a small safety helmet contains a big truth”. The smooth surface of engineering plastic safety helmet and a raised top bar on the top of the helmet are specially designed to reduce the impact of falling objects. The mesh hoop with a buckle is the key part of the safety helmet. 1t can effectively delay and reduce the pressure transmitted to the head and neck. More importantly, it can absorb most of the impact force caused by the impact. However, the protective effect of safety helmet will be greatly reduced after the safe use period, which is not conducive to the development of safe construction

the replacement of safety helmet is not only a routine safety work, but also a responsibility for the safety of on-site staff. Jiashan County power supply company of State Grid will recycle the expired helmets one after another, and send the helmets within the new service life to the on-site staff

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