Safety helmet structure and function of parts

When the head of the operator is impacted by the falling object, the impact force is first decomposed to the whole area of the skull by using the shell and liner of the safety helmet, and then most of the impact force is absorbed by using the elastic deformation, plastic deformation and allowable structural damage of the buffer structure of each part of the safety helmet, so that the impact force on the head of the operator is reduced to less than 4900n, So as to protect the head of the operator. The shell material of safety helmet plays an important role in the overall anti strike performance of safety helmet

cap shell: bear the impact to separate the falling object from the human body

cap hoop: keep the safety helmet in a certain position on the head

top belt: disperse the impact force and keep the cap shell floating to disperse the impact force

rear hoop: locking device of head hoop

chin strap: to assist in maintaining the status and position of the helmet

sweat band: sweat absorption

cushion: reduce the impact force in case of impact

wearing height: it reflects the height difference between the forehead and the top of the head, which interferes with the eyes, ears and wearing objects. The hoop of the safety helmet is separated from the forehead. The fastening part can’t be closed, so it can’t guarantee a certain state and position on the head

vertical spacing: reflects the gap between the inside of the cap shell and the top of the head. 1f it is too small, the ventilation is not smooth, and if it is too large, the gravity center of the helmet shell will rise, resulting in the instability of the helmet on the head

horizontal spacing: provide buffer space when there is lateral force in the impact. 1t is also a cooling channel

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