Safety in flood season should have “red line consciousness”

Since May, many places such as Fujian, Jiangxi and Guangdong have started the rainstorm mode, resulting in severe rainstorm and severe convective weather, causing urban waterlogging and landslides and other disasters in some areas, affecting millions of people and causing serious losses to people’s lives and property

this year, the total rainfall in flood season in China is slightly more than that in the same period of the year. Many seemingly safe cities and regions show their original shape in the face of rainstorms, and production safety accidents caused by natural disasters occur from time to time. 1n the face of the serious flood control situation, many cities and regions have shown the disadvantages of “multi-channel flood control”, such as inadequate implementation of responsibilities, inadequate disaster response measures, and even the phenomenon of “no matter who is in charge, no matter who is in charge” and “competing for management with interests, competing for promotion with responsibilities”

flood season safety is a systematic and overall work. First of all, we should make full efforts on the word “prevention”, attach great importance to the areas and key parts that are prone to induce geological disasters, and comprehensively analyze and assess the local, department and unit’s potential for cities, coal mines, road traffic, non coal mines and other natural disasters caused by rainstorms, floods, mud flow and other natural disasters The risks of production safety accidents in tailing pond and other industries should be further investigated and controlled, the key prevention areas, regions and units should be identified, and effective prevention and response plans and measures should be formulated to strictly prevent and contain production safety accidents caused by various natural disasters

it is necessary to strengthen the organization and leadership, effectively abandon the ideas of paralysis, fluke, inaction and slow action, establish a seamless responsibility system for relevant departments, arrange the duty personnel for the key parts of flood control in the flood season, do a good job in daily inspection and inspection, deal with the problems found in time, and report the flood information in time. The emergency plan for flood season should be improved. Breathing apparatus, gas mask, emergency light, emergency ladder, emergency hammer and other emergency equipment should be equipped in key sections and critical parts. 1n terms of flood control materials, it is necessary to ensure that the expansion sandbags, anti-skid mats, brooms, and warning signs are complete, and strive to improve the ability of disaster prevention and mitigation

safety in flood season is vital. Governments, units and departments at all levels must put human life safety in the first place, take effective measures to do a good job in flood season safety work, highlight key areas, key aspects and key links, comprehensively investigate and control all kinds of potential safety hazards, and strengthen safety prevention. At the same time, we should strengthen the publicity, education and training of safety and emergency knowledge of disaster prevention and reduction, improve the people’s safety awareness and emergency self-help ability, prevent and treat all kinds of accidents

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