Safety insole for miners of Yangmei group

“When 1 registered the shoe number in September, 1 guessed that it was the unit that sent the insoles, but 1 didn’t expect to get the manual” safety insoles “this time. 1t’s not only easy to use, but also has a warning significance for safety production.” On December 17, Tian lanwang, a miner of Yangmei group, was very moved when he received the pure handmade insole. The standardization team of the second service center of Shenghua branch of Yangmei group carried out the family friendly service, and gave 600 pairs of hand-made “safety insoles” to 600 miners who lived in collective accommodation outside the cadastral area

the standardization team of the second service center of Yangmei group sublimation branch is specially responsible for the service work of the miners’ apartment building. The people who live here are all single workers in the mine. Team leader Han Yuying said that family service has been done many times in the standardization team of the second service center of sublimation branch, including the delivery of insoles several times, but the insoles used to be bought. Each pair of insoles i2.5 yuan. 1t’s not easy for miners to wash them once they are dirty. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China called for strict economy. 1n September this year, 60 pieces of discarded bed sheets were replaced in the apartment building. Han Yuying thought about waste utilization and used these old bed sheets to handmade insoles for the miners

so, Han Yuying organized more than 80 waitresses on duty to make insoles in the conference room during off hours. 1t took three months to embroider 600 pairs of insoles, which were also embroidered with safety warnings such as “safe life”, “safety for the day” and “safety first”

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