Safety is a journey, not a show

“Safety is a journey, not a show. We should consider safety in everything we do and integrate safety practice into our daily routine work’ Danger is always hidden in the corner. 1f you don’t prepare well, he will wait for the opportunity to hurt you. ” This is what Mr. Wu Yulong, the current DuPont China safety management consultant, said when introducing DuPont’s safety management experience

DuPont has always maintained its best safety performance in the world while achieving continuous profit growth and new technological innovation. DuPont’s safety performance is based on more than 200 years of safety practice in 140 factories around the world. 1f you have the chance to visit DuPont’s two different factories in different countries, you will find that there is little difference between them. These factories all implement the same safety rules and regulations, which are formulated under the global unified safety standards. Employees even use the same helmet, safety glasses and safety shoes. DuPont’s senior management always starts the discussion from the topic of safety when they visit the factory. From these details, people can perceive that security as one of DuPont’s core values is everywhere

because of this, all DuPont factories take “zero accident and zero injury” as one of their safety goals. 1n this “journey”, they use the safety management system composed of behavioral safety management system and process safety management system to guide and regulate every step

compared with DuPont, Mr. Wu Yulong listed the safety problems existing in domestic petrochemical plants: lack of comprehensive and effective safety management system; Unclear safety responsibility; Not paying enough attention to safety; Failure to implement “quality assurance” effectively; There is no effective “hazard identification and control system”; Too much reliance on operators; Large scale use of contractors is also a major hidden danger; False safety awareness, etc. These problems appear singly or collectively, and have short-term or long-term effects, causing all kinds of safety accidents, affecting the fundamental benefits and long-term development of enterprises, and affecting the public

to learn from DuPont and hang the “sword of Damocles”, we need to work hard to establish a safety management system and prevent accidents to the maximum extent. Although this is a platitude, it is always a lesson from the past. 1n order to prevent accidents, we must improve the safety management system, and even need to use considerable external intervention to make significant and sustained progress. The wisest way is to take “preventive measures” rather than “passive solutions”. For example, it is very correct to have a “physical examination” before any event. Such a comprehensive investigation can find some weaknesses in the current safety management system and put forward corresponding improvement action plans, which is not only conducive to strengthening safety management, but also conducive to improving the whole safety management system. Only when “hazard identification and assessment” and “compliance and discipline, standardized operation” become a normal “action discipline” of all employees in the enterprise, can the safe journey be safe

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