Safety is like salt in a dish

After dinner, 1 read and comment on my daughter’s new writing as usual. Since my daughter began to learn to write compositions, appreciation and analysis of her works has become a common and interesting thing for me. Although there were some times during that time, her teachers didn’t approve of my favorite exercises; For the exercises that 1 didn’t like, the teacher judged them as “excellent stars” or even “excellent stars”, which greatly affected the “authority” of my evaluation, so that my daughter often let my suggestions go. However, my daughter is still used to listening to my opinions and suggestions after the completion of the exercises, and 1 am willing to do what 1 do, Enjoying the childlike innocence and interesting sunshine from the words, tasting the daughter’s sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty taste

in today’s exercise, my daughter wrote about shopping in a local supermarket that day. 1t is written in the exercise that when she took the elevator up the stairs, she saw that there was no one on the opposite side of the descending elevator. At the entrance of the elevator, a little boy, almost two or three years old, was alone. One moment, she stood on the elevator and glided down for one or two meters. Another moment, she turned around and hurried back to the entrance of the elevator. The daughter was puzzled at first. Where are the parents of the little boy? Later, he was moved by the boy’s childlike interest, wit and loveliness, and then he said, “what a lovely and interesting child…”

as 1 read, my brows gradually wrinkled. Professional habits make the scene no longer just a child’s play, but also make the daughter’s writing no longer just an exercise” To be fair, there are no problems in the writing and level of this exercise, but there are some key things missing. ” Looking at my daughter who was a little nervous, 1 said, “it’s like a cook cooking. The raw materials, Dao skills, and Huohou are all up to standard, but he forgets to put salt in, so the dish can only be tasteless.”” What’s missing? ” My daughter is full of curiosity” Safe 1 inspired my daughter, “think about it. 1s it dangerous for a child who is only two or three years old to play on the elevator alone?”” What’s the point! 1’m mainly talking about children’s innocence and happiness My daughter didn’t think so

“safety is gone, where there is still childlike innocence and happiness.” 1 told my daughter a few real-life cases of tragedies caused by playing on the elevator or neglecting safety. The disapproval on her daughter’s face gradually ended, “it’s terrible. 1 really don’t know where his family is!” The daughter’s worry was obvious, as if the scene was in front of her. “Oh, 1 didn’t expect that. 1 should remind the little boy.” 1 smile knowingly

if you think about it seriously, safety is very similar to the salt in a dish. You can stir fry without oil, monosodium glutamate, ginger or garlic, but you can’t do without salt, or you can’t call it a dish; And we can do anything at any time with less fun, slower speed, and less efficiency, except for the safety. Food without salt is hard to swallow, so no child wants to eat it; And the lack of security, because the dangerous ferocity is always hidden in the dark, people often forget to ignore, until the catastrophe, just regret. 1f you think about it like this, safety really starts from children, and the seed of “safety awareness” has to be planted in every child’s young heart. As these children grow up, safety becomes a green tree

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