Safety is the lifeline of the railway, and safety is the end of everything

Railway is closely related to people’s production and life. Safety is the lifeline of railway work and the “rice bowl project” of railway. There is no trivial matter of safety, and the safety work should not be paralyzed or lax at all. 1n order to deepen the safety ideological education, strengthen the safety risk awareness, pool the joint efforts of safety production, and maintain the sustained and stable safety, Chengdu Railway Bureau carried out the safety publicity and education activities with the theme of “stopping two violations, eliminating accidents, and ensuring safety”

the main content of the activity is “safety laws and regulations, bottom line of safety red line, responsibility and mission” to create a strong atmosphere for safety education, carry out safety red line and law and discipline education in combination with safety case warning, continue to do a good job in safety reflection, and strengthen the responsibility of safety publicity and education of organizations at all levels, 1n order to ensure the safety of transportation, provide a strong ideological guarantee and spiritual power

safety is a responsibility. As the “iron boss”, the safety of thousands of passengers and tens of millions of national property has been handed over to us. We must rely on our business technology, strong sense of enterprise and responsibility, as well as meticulous working attitude to deliver passengers to our destination safely and punctually. 1f we can not talk about stability and punctuality, and even the minimum safety can not be guaranteed, who dares to take the train? Therefore, safety is our unshirkable responsibility

safety is an attitude. We often say “safety first”, which is our attitude and principle. Safety is the magic weapon to ensure the smooth completion of our cause, and safety is the premise for us to obtain benefits. Therefore, we should stress safety in everything and at all times. The consequences of not paying attention to safety are incalculable and painful. We should consider safety before doing everything, and we should never forget safety at all times in our work, especially when we feel that there is no idea of breaking the rules and discipline, and when there is no problem in taking a risk, we should think about safety first. Many accidents can be avoided

safety is an experience. Every accident, can sum up a profound lesson, over time, has become our rules and regulations. 1n other words, the lesson of blood comes in exchange for our rules and regulations. We rely on rules and regulations to ensure our safety. Accidents are all caused by violation of rules and regulations. We should establish the idea of “stopping two violations, putting out accidents and ensuring safety”, and regard other people’s accidents as our own alarm. Only in this way can we continue to learn, improve and perfect ourselves

safety is everything. Without security, our lives will not be guaranteed, let alone other life pleasures. There is no trivial matter in railway safety work. To deal with safety work, no matter the decision-makers or the grass-roots managers and executors, they should take a “light as heavy” attitude. The work of railway safety has only begun, but not ended. Safety and life go hand in hand, life has an end, and safety has no end

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