Safety is the starting point every day

As of April 24, Dongying crude oil depot of Shengli Oilfield, which was put into operation in 1986, has been in safe operation for 10000 days. 1n the book of safety speeches, retired Master Li Jiankun solemnly wrote a message for his colleagues: being safe today does not mean being safe tomorrow

in just 13 words, it shows the safety responsibility consciousness of oil depot people and the secret of long-term safety production of oil depot

12810 risk points are monitored without blind spots

safety officer Zhao Zhengang enters the oil depot half an hour in advance every day, and the first thing is routine inspection. 1t’s a habit he’s had for years

nearly 300 fire extinguishers, 26 fire boxes, 21 fire monitors and nearly 100 fire hydrants are the focus of his daily inspection. The 330000 square meter oil depot has his footprints everywhere” 1f one detail is left out, it may lead to an accident. ” Zhao Zhengang did not dare to slack off

as the reserve heart and operation center of Shengli Oilfield, Dongying crude oil depot has 14 large oil storage tanks, 350 sets of equipment and facilities, 12810 risk monitoring points, 105 per capita, which is difficult to manage

in this regard, Dongying crude oil depot is under strict and meticulous management to form a safety monitoring network of “all staff, all-round, all process and all time prevention and control”. They divided 12810 risk points into three categories of “a, B and C” according to the risk degree, and adopted the triple coverage monitoring of post workers, shift leaders and cadres on duty

each safety monitoring point and 360 standards and specifications are specified for 32 production posts. The staff of the post shall inspect every hour, the shift leader shall inspect every two hours, and the cadres on duty shall inspect every four hours

oil storage tank is the key facility, and the oil depot implements “three hard management”. 1n each shift, the gauger shall check the safety accessories of at least 3 oil tanks; Every day, members of the branch should inspect the reservoir area and key posts more than twice a day; Every month, 8 technical cadres are responsible for inspecting the operation status and existing problems of the oil tank, and 6 members of the branch team evaluate the inspection situation

in one year, the inspection distance of cadres on duty and production backbone is equivalent to a 25000 mile long march, and the height of gaugers in four teams is equivalent to climbing Mount Everest eight times< During a night inspection, Kong Aidi of flowmeter Gang found that the front end bearing of the running 5 ï¹?oil supply pump was noisy. After inspection, it was found that the spring clip was broken due to the quality problem of the bearing, so she took emergency measures to stop the pump and avoid an axle holding accident many years of safety experience has made the oil depot staff form the habit of “running several times and asking more why” the process of Dongying crude oil depot switches frequently, and the wrong operation, such as pressing the wrong button or clicking the wrong mouse once, will affect the safe transportation and marketing of crude oil in the whole oilfield. “We can’t afford to be wrong,” said Xu Shuqing, director of the oil depot! We must achieve zero error in thousands of operations and zero error in 10000 data. “ the clearer the responsibility is, the more standardized the behavior is, and the more efficient the execution is. Over the years, Dongying crude oil depot has formed a set of “five step operation method of process switching” suitable for its own characteristics, which includes strict instructions, careful check, careful simulation, careful operation and careful inspection. The responsibilities and standards of all levels are defined in each step not only the process switching, the oil depot makes the video tutorial of standardized operation project and the practical operation manual of post skills in each post in Dongying crude oil depot, safety has become a culture. When entering the oil depot, there is a reminder of “safe storage instructions”; Enter the production area, there is “safety, every day is a new starting point” sign guide; For shift handover, daily education should be carried out; On the desk, “safety desk calendar” is illustrated and illustrated; Open the computer, log on to the online security knowledge answering platform, you can learn at any time in addition, the oil depot has also set up “exposure platform” for potential safety hazards, implemented “safety supervisor” on duty, carried out “finding the top ten potential hazards around us”, organized theme speech competition, safety blackboard newspaper evaluation, safety star evaluation and other activities, so as to make the safety concept of “starting point every day” really enter the mind “safety e-evaluation”, science and technology help safety “our post has three A-level inspection points, we just need to take the walkie talkie to do the dot, if there are inspection points missing, the electronic inspection system will prompt me, which is convenient and time-saving.” Chen Xia, an employee of the supply and transportation pump post, praised the “wireless intelligent electronic inspection system” and said, “this is an artifact of safety inspection!” relying on the information platform, Dongying crude oil depot has established a “safety e-integration” system, which takes “work arrangement, process planning, quality supervision, information feedback, review and acceptance, and timely evaluation” as the content of “five steps and one evaluation” process management, which is implemented through the management and control center, so that each work has arrangement, implementation, supervision, feedback, evaluation, and rectification “electronic management, process marking and real-time evaluation” are the main characteristics of “safety E-body evaluation”. 1n the past, there was no way to query the problem that employees did not patrol when they arrived. Now, it can not only query the patrol situation of employees in real time, but also check the position of cadres on duty. Through the G1S electronic map, the inspection time, inspection location and the dynamic of inspection personnel can be seen at a glance in addition to intelligent inspection, the oil depot has also established a video monitoring system, implemented prevention and control measures such as automatic control of process flow, automatic high voltage stabilization control of fire protection system, leakage prevention monitoring of long-distance pipelines, and installed “lightning warning system in the reservoir area” and “electronic fence prevention and control system” Science and technology take one step forward and hidden dangers take ten steps backward. Five sets of advanced digital management systems, a comprehensive management information platform composed of six modules, and many safety management systems developed and designed by employees cover all aspects of the whole station management work, realizing “one click of the mouse, equipment operation; The “square inch screen, monitoring Baiping” provides a comprehensive guarantee for the long-term safe operation of the oil depot our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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