Safety manual for coal mine workers

“1n the past, 1 didn’t know much about downhole safety knowledge. With this safety manual, 1 have to learn it after work.” “yes, we can learn standards, understand standards, use standards, and keep the responsibility of safety production in mind. This manual really works.”

on May 6, Xiao Li and Lao Liu, the staff of the first coal mining team of Wanghe coal mine, received the “safety manual for coal mine staff” from the team after work and said happily as they read it

in order to improve the overall safety management level, improve the safety, compliance and law-abiding awareness of the staff, the awareness of safety rights protection and the ability to participate in disaster relief, combined with the actual situation of the mine, the “safety manual for coal mine staff” is designed and compiled, which is sent to the staff, from the staff of the district team to the staff of the ground department

the coal mine staff safety manual is rich in content, including the new laws and regulations issued by the State Council and the State Administration of work safety in recent years; The rights and obligations of coal mine workers in terms of safety; The basic knowledge of water prevention and control, mining management, “one ventilation and three prevention”, mechanical and electrical transportation, as well as major potential safety hazards and emergency treatment measures in coal mine

“this safety manual for coal mine workers is distributed to the workers. We organized the study at the pre class meeting of the third class. Through the study, the workers understood who to do well in safety, changed from” 1 want to be safe “to” 1 want to be safe “, and built a strong line of defense for safety production,” Hu Hongen, Secretary of the Party branch of the first mining team, said

at present, there is a “safety manual for coal mine workers” from cadres to employees in the mine, which is carefully studied and understood. Starting from the safety will of employees, a good atmosphere is being formed to strengthen the awareness with the will and ensure the safety with the awareness

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