Safety mirror of a refined wax factory of Sinopec in Henan

there is a good saying on the construction site: safety helmet should be worn well. Don’t forget to wear the hat strap. Sweating is better than bleeding. Many people still ignore the use of safety helmets and other labor protection appliances. A safety mirror reminds us of a habit and attitude, as well as a guarantee of safety

as soon as Sinopec Henan Nanyang refined wax factory enters, what you see is a floor mounted safety mirror. How thoughtful and careful the design is! 1f you want to work at the installation site, the safety mirror can help you examine yourself, and the labor protection clothing can be uneven? Safety work focuses on details, and merits are boundless(Copyright notice: This is the original article of the website reporter. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source

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