Safety month popularizes safety production knowledge with new media

The “safety production month” activity in 2014 will be carried out nationwide in June, with the theme of “strengthening red line awareness and promoting safety development”. Through a series of activities, we will popularize safety knowledge, promote safety culture, improve safety literacy, help prevent and curb major accidents, and promote the continuous improvement of safety production situation in the whole province

according to Yu dexuan, deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Administration of work safety, according to the deployment of the Work Safety Commission Office of the State Council, combined with the actual situation of Guangdong Province, especially considering that the younger generation will gradually step into their jobs and become the main force of production and construction, this year’s “work safety month” activity will pay more attention to the cultivation of the safety awareness of the younger generation, 1n the way of publicity, it also highlights the application of new media to carry out a series of characteristic activities

in this year’s “work safety month”, in addition to the “work safety consultation day” and the warning and education activities of work safety accidents, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau will cooperate with the Propaganda Department of the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, the provincial public security department, the provincial radio, film and Television Bureau, the Provincial Federation of trade unions, the Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, the provincial women’s Federation, the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, nanfang.com and other units to make use of the 1nternet, wechat group SMS and other new media spread the awareness of safety production to the younger generation. Through the “safety production month” activity, we will initially form six new forms and positions of new media publicity: gather a group of netizens who are concerned about safety production, establish a group of registered “safety production volunteers”, set up a wechat group of “children safety” forum, open up a main position of network publicity, and establish some typical safety management enterprises, Secure a number of mobile phone users who accept production safety information

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