Safety month safety month Safety Year

1t is also the “safety production month”, in which all kinds of safety production activity programs and measures are painstakingly put on the stage. The publicity of safety knowledge is repeated every year, and institutional measures emerge in an endless stream, but the “five make” and “three apply” have little effect. System is a system, paralysis is still paralysis, the annual safety accidents, even casualties situation is still grim, safety responsibility is still a long way to go

in fact, a careful study of the relevant programs of “safety production month” activities carried out by relevant units every year shows that they are almost the same. As a matter of fact, we know that safety work is not a matter of carrying out one or two activities, preaching the importance of safety three or five times, and introducing some institutional measures on the wall. Safety work is a matter of life, one is the life and death of human beings, the other is the life of enterprises

to put it directly, the occurrence of safety accidents directly threatens people’s lives. 1f you don’t pay attention, a lively person may die directly in carelessness; 1n depth, safety accidents affect the lives of enterprises. 1f an enterprise has one or two safety accidents in a year and a half, its competitiveness in the industry and its influence in the society will inevitably fall into a deep valley. As a result, an enterprise will come to an end in frequent safety accidents

therefore, no matter any enterprise or unit, only by doing a good job in safety work, can the double “lives” of individuals and enterprises be well protected

and the protection of life is not guaranteed by the development of activities and the introduction of institutional measures. Production is a dynamic process, and safety accidents are also dynamic. Production goes hand in hand. Paying close attention to safety work is inseparable from the dynamic control of on-site monitoring. Therefore, although the guarantee of systems and measures is indispensable for standardized management, the focus of safety work is to grasp the process, and grasping the process is to do the detail work well. 1t is the guarantee of safety work to move the center of gravity forward and plunge into the front line

in ancient times, the emperor of shangao was a prerequisite for the tyrant of Shanzhai. 1n fact, the responsibility of safe production was stronger than that of tiger. Once the management only stayed on the system and activities of the organization, the production line would no doubt turn a deaf ear to it, and the provisions became a decorative tool hanging on the wall, 1t goes against the original intention of our work

in the period of “safety production month”, the activities should be carried out on the front line, so that the construction personnel can directly feel the importance of safety work; Safety personnel should go deep into the front line and supervise every detail of construction at any time; The system should be implemented on the first line with five orders and three declarations, severe punishment and heavy punishment. Everything can be compromised, but only safety work can’t work because it is related to the lives of people and enterprises

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