Safety pocket book in work clothes

“Little pocket book, show big safety! Every time in my spare time at work, 1 will dig out and look at it, and always tighten the string of safety. ” On June 13, at the construction site of Xuzhou Huamei thermal power project Department of Anhui No.1 Power Construction Co., Ltd., several workers took out a pamphlet from their coat pocket during the break to read it. They read it from time to time and were very serious. 1t turns out that what they are looking at is the “safety instructions for construction staff entering the construction site” just issued by the project department, which is applicable to the relevant production majors within the scope of power construction engineering. 1t has both pictures and texts, detailed contents and strong on-site pertinence

this pamphlet can be put in the pocket of work clothes. 1t is convenient and practical to use. 1t is vividly called “pocket book”” Pocket book “simple and practical, easy to carry, easy to learn at any time, consult, very popular

“little pocket book” not only facilitates the daily learning of employees, but also improves the standardized operation ability of production line personnel, and increases the safety guarantee for production. The project department introduces the on-site safety production knowledge and safety precautions in the form of “pocket book”, improves the safety education mode, avoids empty preaching and rote learning, makes safety education into the mind and heart, and improves the effect of safety education

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