Safety precautions for driving in winter

Recently, affected by the cooling, most parts of Luzhou have been experiencing continuous rainfall, which is expected to occur in two days at the end of this week. At the same time, the low temperature and rainfall weather also has a certain impact on the high altitude road traffic in Gulin Xuyong. Traffic police remind the majority of drivers that the winter temperature drops, ice and snow freezing disaster weather is easy to bring safety hazards to road traffic. 1n case of ice, fog, freezing rain and other weather conditions, drivers should strengthen safety protection and pass under the guidance of traffic police

the reporter learned from the Xuyong traffic police brigade that at present, Xuyong County Transportation Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Meteorological Bureau and traffic management department have established a linkage mechanism of severe weather road management and control to make work deployment for severe weather

in terms of the weather conditions before the Spring Festival, Shuangjing Macheng section of national highway 321, Yinjiagou xueshanguan section of Xuchi Road, wutongdong section of Xuwei road and mulashan section of Xuzhen road are prone to snow and ice. The traffic police department will close miaoerguan and chaeryan of 321 national highway; Xuchi road 212, xueshanguan, Xuwei road wutongdong, Xuzhen road mulashan are the key monitoring sections. Yesterday, some sections of the rain weather, but did not affect the normal travel of vehicles

at the same time, the reporter learned from Gulin traffic police brigade that due to the influence of low temperature, the heizhulin section of 309 provincial road, fangjiaao section of gushuang road and puzhaoshan section of Guchi road in Gulin County belong to high altitude areas, which are prone to ice cream in cold weather

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