Safety precautions for high altitude demolition

(1) Railings or cover plates shall be set at the edges and holes of high-altitude workplaces

(2) the scaffold should be erected in accordance with the requirements of the regulations, and should be checked and maintained frequently, and the stability should be checked before operation

(3) workers working at height should wear light clothes and soft soled shoes< (4) people suffering from mental illness, epilepsy, hypertension, heart disease, drunkenness and depression are strictly prohibited to work at height (5) there must be a safe passage at the place of high-altitude operation. Too many objects should not be piled up in the passage. Garbage and waste should be cleaned up and transported away in time (6) when working at height of 1.5m or more from the ground, the safety belt must be fastened, and the safety belt shall be hung firmly above the waist (7) in case of gale above level 6 and bad weather, work at height should be stopped (8) when working on the roof of light or simple structure, wooden boards should be laid to disperse the stress to avoid trampling on the roof (9) it is strictly forbidden for people to go up and down with the lifting objects, and climbing is not allowed when the lifting objects are not placed stably (10) it is strictly forbidden to hold objects when walking or climbing at height (11) differential protector and vertical self-locking safety rope must be used in vertical operation (12) clean the workpieces and scattered articles on the scaffold in time China labor insurance net

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