Safety precautions for installation and disassembly of tower crane

Tower crane is a large-scale equipment commonly used in construction. For many years, tower crane collapse accidents mostly occur in the process of disassembly, which brings great losses to people’s life safety and enterprise property. How to control and prevent such accidents and avoid unnecessary losses has become a problem that safety management and relevant management departments need to pay attention to

the installation and disassembly of tower crane should first meet the construction needs, but also pay attention to the surrounding environmental conditions, so as not to cause collision, interference, electric shock and damage to the interests of neighbors. Therefore, before installing the tower crane, we should understand the general situation of the project, check the construction site and surrounding environment, reasonably select the installation location of the tower crane, carefully plan, estimate the possible problems in advance, and formulate corresponding technical preventive measures. As for the installation and disassembly process of tower crane, in addition to the relevant provisions of the corresponding standards and specifications, combined with the experience and lessons accumulated in the work practice for many years, the following aspects are specially emphasized. The purpose is to strengthen the safety management of tower crane, avoid accidents and promote the construction safety< The distance between the moving part of the tower crane and the surrounding buildings and the construction facilities around the buildings should not be less than 0.5m

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