Safety problems of safety helmet

According to the regulations of safety work regulations of electric power industry and the actual needs of electric power production, electric power production personnel must wear safety helmets when they enter the production, maintenance and installation, high voltage area (room) of substation, capital construction site, repair workshop and other high-altitude operation sites, which is an important measure to ensure the personal safety of production personnel. However, many safety helmets used on site have potential safety hazards, and there are many safety problems in the process of use, which must be paid attention to

1 the normal service life of “not broken” safety helmet i2.5 years (subject to the product manual), but the safety helmet is widely used on site, and some safety supervisors turn a blind eye to it. A safety helmet in a unit has been used for nearly 10 years, because its appearance is relatively “new”, it does not look “bad”, and it is still in use. 1n fact, even if the safety helmet is not used, it will age after a long time. 1f it is not replaced in time, once danger occurs in the process of use, the consequences will be unimaginable

2 the phenomenon of safety helmet as helmet and stool is more common when the production personnel ride a motor vehicle to the operation site, because they have to wear safety helmet when they enter the production site. Some people think it is “troublesome” to wear safety helmet when they go to the site, so they use safety helmet as helmet. Because the main function of safety helmet is to prevent high-altitude objects from falling and injuring people’s head, and the helmet is used to prevent cyclists from being hit and falling and causing head injury. The two kinds of protection focus on different functions, so it is not allowed to use safety helmet instead of helmet

there are a few people at the production site who like to sit on the safety helmet as a stool. 1f they don’t pay attention to it, they may “sit” in violation of regulations, hidden dangers or accidents. When you enter the production site, you have to wear a safety helmet. 1f you take off the safety helmet at will, it will constitute illegal behavior. 1f you use it as a stool, it will scratch the brim and top of the hat, crush the hat lining, and cause damage to the safety helmet or reduce its service life

3 the safety helmet itself has quality problems

some safety helmets have some quality problems, such as poor impact resistance and puncture resistance, poor sweat absorption and air permeability of the cap hoop, and parts made of metal materials. 1n practical use, we should choose high-quality famous brand products that meet the national standard and pass 1SO quality system certification and compulsory product certification

4 improper storage

the suitable temperature of safety helmet is – 10 to + 50 ℃. 1t should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and avoid contact with fire (heat) source and corrosive substances, so as not to affect its normal service life. The inventory period of safety helmet should be shortened as far as possible, and it is better to use it as soon as you buy it; Purchase the products with short delivery time, so as not to affect the actual effective use time due to long inventory time

5 can not be used correctly

the main problems are: no belt (or the belt is not tightly under the chin), no core, not adjusting the length of the cap hoop according to the size of the head, and not replacing the cap shell and cap liner according to the original specification after scratch or damage

6 lack of necessary inspection before use

routine inspection of the following items should be carried out before use: no damage, no crack, no obvious deformation of the cap shell; The cap liner is not damaged; The cap hoop is intact and firmly connected with the cap shell; There is no corrosion or scar on the hat strap; The latch is complete and effective; 1n case of serious impact, it should be scrapped immediately and should not be reused

7 management confusion caused by mixed wearing

some staff use safety helmets as public safety equipment, and they just take one when they want to use it. This kind of mixed wearing phenomenon causes management confusion. Over a long period of time, the original data such as the date of manufacture of safety helmets have been lost. Whether the safety helmets are overdue or not can only be judged by subjective experience, and some dirty helmets are not willing to be worn. Therefore, the safety helmet should be numbered uniformly according to the regulations, and the number and user should be determined. The safety helmet should be worn in different colors according to the nature of work, and the corresponding user account should be established

8 can’t correctly treat the proximity alarm function of safety helmet

some safety helmets are equipped with proximity alarm, which will send alarm signal when they are close to high voltage equipment within a certain range. The installation of an alarm only adds a control measure, which can not reduce the implementation of technical measures such as power test to ensure safety, because when the voltage is low (such as 380 V), the alarm may not alarm, not to mention the unreliability of some near electric alarms. Of course, if the proximity alarm (including similar proximity alarm watch, etc.) sounds when approaching the equipment, it should be considered that the equipment has dangerous voltage

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