Safety production and falling prevention

Recently, in order to cooperate with safety production, the reporter visited many construction sites to interview the silent and wordless people behind urban construction, so as to strengthen their safety awareness

during the visit, the reporter heard such an accident on the construction site of an industrial park in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. Master Sun worked as an electric welder in the first mechanical and electrical installation team of a company in Shaanxi. At 8 a.m. on January 8 this year, he fell down while working at height. At that time, several workers contacted the person in charge of the project and sent Master Sun to a nearby hospital. Hospital diagnosis showed that Master Sun had a left transverse bone fracture, a left shoulder transverse bone fracture, and a cervical 5 and 6 vertebral body sliding. 1t is understood that Master Sun had his own neck surgery in a hospital in Xi’an in early April. The site paid a total of more than 40000 yuan for the operation and 1500 yuan for living expenses, and then he didn’t care. The workers said that the site had been transferred several times, and Wang was responsible at that time. He did not report the accident, so that the site was shut down for rectification later

with the rapid development of the real estate market, high-rise buildings have sprung up, which are inseparable from the blood and sweat of construction workers. 1n recent years, there are many High-altitude Falling Accidents in the process of construction site, with high frequency and high mortality. How to effectively prevent the construction workers from falling accidents in work is the primary task of the construction group

based on the analysis of several accidents, it is concluded that the reason for the high-altitude falling accident is that the construction workers do not wear fall arrestor when they are working high above the ground, which makes it impossible to save lives in time when the accident occurs; Of course, this and some construction companies do not pay attention to production safety and in order to save costs. As a professional company engaged in safety protection for many years, we suggest that we pay attention to safety production, respond to the call of the state, and truly achieve people-oriented

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