Safety production, choose the most suitable safety shoes

Recently, the reporter visited some construction sites and saw such a phenomenon that many construction site workers were busy on the construction site wearing their own sports shoes or cloth shoes at home. When the reporter asked: why not wear labor protection shoes, a worker said: “the labor protection shoes are too heavy and inconvenient, and the quality of the labor protection shoes is not as strong as our own sports shoes.”

in recent years, although the state has promulgated a variety of industry standards, industry norms. Strictly require production enterprises to achieve safety in production and prevent safety accidents, however, safety accidents still continue to appear. Why does this happen? 1n the final analysis, many of our enterprise leaders do not pay attention to safety production. Although the slogan is shouting every day, once it is implemented to the implementation level, our enterprise leaders first think about how to save costs and how to improve workers’ productivity, and consciously ignore the safety production. And once the accident really happened, it was too late to regret

of course, it’s right for an enterprise to pursue efficiency, but if an enterprise can’t provide its employees with the minimum security. 1t is doubtful whether such enterprises can really become bigger and stronger. A responsible, ambitious enterprise leader, will be people-oriented, everywhere for their employees. Of course, their safety will be guaranteed first

since working in the labor insurance industry, Xiaobian has also come into contact with many enterprise leaders, most of whom are still very responsible. For the sake of their own employees, according to their own production environment, choose the most suitable labor protection articles for their needs. However, there are still some enterprise leaders who want to ensure the safety of their employees and provide them with the best benefits. However, the real implementation, but try to choose cheap, secondary. And do not consider to choose the most suitable safety shoes for their employees. This also often makes some sales staff very difficult. 1t’s not that companies buy cheap shoes, but because they buy shoes that don’t fit them. Quality can not be guaranteed, not to say, the safety of employees is also worrying. Xiaobian wants to say. Expensive is not the best, cheap is not bad, in fact, for their own is the best. The most attractive thing is to be able to consider the safety of their employees

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