safety production experience on site

1t’s another year’s “production safety month”. Yesterday morning, the safety production Committee of Lujiazui street and the Shanghai company of China Construction Third Bureau Group jointly held a theatrical performance and on-site consultation experience activity to serve the workers of construction sites within the jurisdiction

more than 200 workers from 12 construction sites participated in the activity. 1n the safety experience area, there are all kinds of experience equipment, such as helmet impact, safety belt use, high-altitude falling, fire extinguisher use, etc. Among them, the High-altitude Falling experience is used to simulate the situation of workers falling from the scaffold. Participants will experience “free fall” from the height of 3 meters, so as to warn workers to pay attention to the surrounding environment, especially the holes on the scaffold, in order to avoid tragedy; With the matching safety belt use experience, participants can simulate the fall after wearing the safety belt, and experience the importance of wearing the safety belt

Xiao Zhang, 21, is a “rookie” on the construction site. He participated in the hard hat impact experience. He was wearing a helmet and was standing in the experience area. A fist sized iron ball fell from the air and hit the helmet with a bang, while Xiao Zhang was undamaged” Such a heavy iron ball has a great impact. Fortunately, 1’m wearing a safety helmet, or 1’ll have a head injury. ” After weighing the iron ball, Xiao Zhang told reporters that in the future, we must strictly abide by rules and regulations such as wearing safety helmets, and protect ourselves without any fluke

“this activity is carried out around the theme of” fully implementing the main responsibility of enterprise safety production “. We hope to further strengthen the publicity and education of safety production, firmly establish the concept of safety development, enhance the safety awareness of workers, and effectively promote the continuous improvement of safety production situation.” Relevant person in charge

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